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Patient Pharmacy

Pueblo Community Health Center’s Patient Pharmacies accept the following plans: HealthFirst and some Medicare Part D. Please check the complete list of accepted plans posted at the Patient Pharmacies, or call one of the pharmacies to see if your plan is accepted. Only Pueblo Community Health Center patients may use these pharmacies.


Pueblo Community Health Center or your insurance plan may require patients to pay a portion of the cost of medication at the time you receive it. Sometimes the total cost to fill your prescription will be less than the amount you would normally be responsible for per your insurance plan or program. In this case, you will be charged the sliding fee discount. If you have insurance that the pharmacies are unable to use, and your payment is high, you may be eligible to apply for the sliding fee discount for those prescriptions when filled at our pharmacies.

Approved List of Medications 

An approved list of medications is part of pharmacy benefits. You are responsible for the entire cost of your medicine when it is not on your plan's approved list of medications.

Insurance Plans

Consult your doctor or call the number on your insurance card to obtain information about what is covered on your plan's approved list of medications.

After Hours and Holiday Service 

If you need prescription service while the Patient Pharmacy is closed, please call (719) 543-8711 and you will be connected to our answering service. If necessary, the doctor will call your prescription into another pharmacy; however, it will not be covered by the Pueblo Community Health Center sliding fee discount. If you would like, you may obtain enough medicine to last you until the next day your Pueblo Community Health Center Patient Pharmacy is open; you do not need to have the entire prescription filled.

Prescriptions from the Emergency Room or a Non-Pueblo Community Health Center Doctor 

Only prescriptions written by a Pueblo Community Health Center doctor are accepted at the Patient Pharmacies. Prescriptions written by the emergency room doctor or other non-Pueblo Community Health Center doctors cannot be filled at our Patient Pharmacies. Please call your Pueblo Community Health Center provider at (719) 543-8711 to discuss options for getting your medication at our Patient Pharmacies.


Whether or not you have refills remaining on your current prescription, please contact the Patient Pharmacies (Routt Avenue location: (719) 476-0214 or East Side Clinic location: (719) 476-0220) at least three days before you need the prescription.

Prescription Assistance Program

You may be required to get your medication through one or more pharmaceutical company's patient assistance programs. These programs lower your co-payments. Pueblo Community Health Center Pharmacy technicians must verify your financial information and will submit the applications for you. Pharmaceutical companies will accept or deny applications. If accepted, Pueblo Community Health Center must follow the pharmaceutical company's rules. Your cooperation is appreciated.  Pharmacies have a system for reordering your medicine from the manufacturer. We will contact you when your reordered medicine arrives. If your medicine runs out before the manufacturer sends a refill, you will need to obtain your medications and pay any associated co-payment.


Pueblo Community Health Center reserves the right to discontinue your participation in the Prescription Assistance Program if you lose eligibility as defined above, or if you do not comply with the program.